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CO1652 'Systems Analysis & Design'

This module focuses on the interaction of stakeholders and analysts during the system development lifecycle. It focussed upon the government approves model of SSADM Short for Structured Systems Analysis and Design Method, a set of standards developed in the early 1980s for systems analysis and application design widely used for government computing projects in the United Kingdom.(Wikipedia) ...and is a combination of three overlapping techniques of system representation. Further information:CO1652 at UCLAN

Systems Analysis & Design covered these topics:

  • Concepts of Analysis
  • Role of the Analyst
  • Role of the stakeholder
  • System Development Life cycle
  • Acquisition of Knowledge
  • Modeling Concepts
  • Logical & Physical DFD's
  • LDM, (Entities, Attributes & Relationships)
  • Entity Life History
  • Introduction to System Design
  • Hardware / Software, People and Data
  • Files and Data


CO1552 Web Application Development Assignment #1(PDF) Assignment 1 Grade 76%
CO1552 Web Application Development Assignment #2(PDF) Assignment 2 Grade 75%
Yearend Exam Grade 71%
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Module Feedback:

This was a difficult module, is was the least liked amongst classmates. SSADM albeit a governmental standard is dated, there are other, more efficient life-cycle development models, however, it is the foundation to many of its successors and a worthy course of study.
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