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Wired & Wireless Broadband Networks

As more uses for wireless broadband evolve such as WiFi enabled mobile devices greater demands are placed up the home user infrastructure. Establishing, maintaining and even upgrading your home network installation with a suitable level of security is no longer a simple task.

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Is your Network Secure?

The need for security in private home networks is paramount, as the trend for wireless home internet connectivity increases so does the trend of WiFi theft. WiFi-pirates may not be content with stealing your WiFi air-time and degrading your download and upload performances, they could be helping themselves to personal data, even your identity.

To the WiFi Topology model, bricks and mortar of your home offer no physical protection. WiFi signals simply radiate through walls and can be intercepted up to 30meters away using inexpensive handheld devices. Many such devices have WiFi capability, making attacks easy, therefore; it is imperative that sufficient security protocols are installed, functional and regularly maintained / updated.

Harry Junior is a skilled broadband and home network engineer experienced at installing maintaining and repairing secure wired and wireless networks.


Network Topology

Topology is the term used to describe the physical appearance of the network in terms of how each system node (consumer unit) is connected to each other.

When designing any network it makes sense to put in a little forethought first, such as which topology will best suit the needs of the network, (Star, Bus, Ring....). With wireless systems the wireless-modem-router forms the central hub of what is known as a Star Topology. The consumer devices then connect to it forming the points (nodes) of the star.

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