Harry Junior Computer Engineer

CO2753 'Software Applications'

Software Applications is a study into current trends of software applications. The focus of the module was to investigate the features, benefits and limitations of a diverse range of technologies available to achieve a given task. For further information visit: CO2753 at UCLAN

Software Applications looked at these topics:

  • The components of a multimedia system
    • Costs
    • Functionality
    • Benchmarking
    • HCI considerations

  • The difference in Technoligies
    • Windows based applicatins
    • Web based applications

  • Feasability and Business suitability
    • Features
    • Benefits
    • Limitations
    • Key Performance Indicators

My Coursework:

  • Assignment #1: To investigate a range of storage file types with regards to quality and file-size.
Free (Read Only PDF file) Assignment 1 (views= 839 ) Grade 94%

  • Assignment #2: Develop a training application using Macromedia AuthorWare authoring tool.
Free (Read Only PDF file) Assignment 2 (views= 1488 ) Grade 94%

  • Assignment #3: Develop the same training application using HTML JavaScript and CSS.
Free (Read Only PDF file) Assignment 3 (views= 1186 ) Grade 76%

Having been requested to develop the same training application for assignments: #1)A windows PC application, and #2)An interactive web site application, the module culminated in comparing and contrasting the resulting applications.


Overall Module Grade:
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Module Feedback:

An exceptional module that challenged my abilities as a amateur software engineer. My excellence in this module was fuelled by my enthusiasm to develop software, and with a staggering aggregate 88% achievment(Distinction) I'm confident in saying I mastered the 'Software Applications' module and established myself as an amateur software developer.
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