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Software Environment

Harry Junior is a competent engineer professionally skilled in resolving software issues of home computers.

Software issues

  • Suffering buggy programs that constantly crash your operating system?

  • Do you get regular blue screen 'Guru Meditations'?

  • Is your system slow and inefficient?

  • Are you spending more time restarting?

  • Does your system not perform like it once used to?

  • Or do you just want the latest opperating system (Windows 10)

Junior is experienced with all Microsoft operating systems: Windows 98/Millennium/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 and is thoroughly committed to repairing your system, and with proven problem solving techniques he will have your system healthy in no time.

Ever had to call a telephone support number?

  • Were you stuck in an automated telephone queuing system?

  • Could you follow the instructions the support line dictated?

  • Were you involved with long periods of support calls at +50p per minute?

  • Did you feel Lost, Confused and Frustrated?

Was it successful? Or do you need real help, Sympathetic help from a real person? Stop trying to fixit yourself and call Junior NOW!


Software Upgrades

Ever considered adding new functionality to your system? Keeping your system up to date can be tiresome experience, installing incompatible software or hardware, can lead to catastrophic system crashes and irretrievable data losses.

  • Operating System: upgrading your PC to latest Microsoft Windows 7 or soon to be released Windows 8, can revolutionise your computing experience.

  • VOIP: Voice Over Internet Protocol is the latest in telecommunications. Software like Skype from Skype.com could change the way you keep in touch. VOIP with Skype will allow you to make computer to computer telephone calls free of charge. (See Skype for full details)(Download Skype)

  • Security: Internet Security, Confidentiality and Identity theft are the largest concerns for most home users today. Using your computer to make On-line transactions without being properly protected can leave you vulnerable; it could cost you thousands.

Technical Support

System support where you need it, in your own home. Harry Junior can help you select, install and configure the correct software for needs...

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