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CO1551 'Foundations of Hardware'

This is probaly the most technical module on the HNC/D, introducing many fundamental concepts of computing. Programming, logic, Algebra and network topologies all in one module. Foundations of Hardware does what it says on the can, and introduces computing at the atomic level. The module consisted of two practical assignments with supporting documentation and a year-end exam.
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Foundations of Hardware covered these topics:

  • Network Topologies
  • Serial Transmission
  • Parity & Protocol
  • Logic Gtes
  • Simplification (K-Maps)
  • Two's Compliment
  • Boolean Algebra
  • Adders (full/half)
  • Assembly Programming Language
  • Personal Computer Hardware
  • Truth Tables
  • Boolean Algebra


View PDF file Assignment 1 Grade 92%
View PDF file Assignment 2 Grade 95%
  Year-end Exam Grade 83%
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Module Feedback:

This was by far the best module of the 2nd year HNC. It was brilliant, as technical as it could possibly get and then some... Commencing with the 8 bit logic adder IC. and concluding with the equally as stimulating a great Assembly code assignment. Thanks Mr. Dickinson 10/10 for a great module.
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