Harry Junior Computer Engineer

CO2551 'Communications and Networks'

This module introduces the fundamentals of data communications and computer networks. It provides a thorough understanding of how the basic networking components work, and how they are put together to implement a system. We had the opportunity to design, build, test and administer a Local Area Network (LAN).
For further information visit: CO2551 at UCLAN

Coms looked at these topics:

  • Fundamentals of data
    • Communications
    • Computer networks

  • Local Area Networks
    • Media
    • Connectivity
    • configuration and administration


View (Read Only) PDF file Assignment 1 Grade 90%
View (Read Only) PDF file Assignment 2 Grade 82%
View (Read Only) PDF file
  Year-end Exam 80% Overall 86%
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Module Feedback:

Another challenging and interesting module, and again a difficult year-end exam. I learned some valuable skills on this part of the HND that I hope to take with me beyond the HND. This was a very enjoyable module were every topic was a new and exciting concept. The group was small wich helped and with a fantastic module grade of 86% (Distinction) I'm confident in saying I more than mastered this module.
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